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About Me

Hi, I'm Phily. I'm a GB international athlete, with experience representing my country on the track, cross country and the roads.

I have a best marathon time of 2:29 under my belt and some serious goals to go faster in the near future.

When I’m not training or competing I’m working as a running coach, creating content for my YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok.

I’m an open-book online, sharing the highs and the lows of my journey as I try to make it to the Olympics. I aim to inspire and motivate others to enjoy running and hopefully provide a few laughs in the process.


Past Results


Houston Marathon

2 hours 29 Minutes 14 seconds

Houston, TX (USA)
14 JAN 2024

Race Video


Berlin Half Marathon

1 Hour 12 Minutes 15 Seconds

Berlin (GER)
07 APR 2024

Race Video


Night of the 10,000m PBs

32 Minutes 26 Seconds

Parliament Hill Athletics Track (UK)
18 MAY 2024

Race Video


My coaching philosophy is shaped from my own experiences as a coached athlete and I pride myself on a completely individualised approach for every athlete I work with.

I have a BSc in Psychology and a great understanding of the science behind distance running. With this knowledge at the forefront, I consider the lifestyle, experience and performance goals of every individual to create challenging, yet fulfilling and sustainable training plans. 

My motto is "love the grind" and by this I mean embracing and enjoying the process, over constantly chasing an outcome. I’ve found that by applying this to my training, the outcome often takes care of itself.

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